Together. Further.

Creating conscious financial solutions to accompany businesses, governments, people, and the planet. 

Because together, we can go further.

Conscious Solutions

ESG Solution

Raising Consciousness

Our solution utilises satellite imagery coupled with AI to construct unique ESG scores based on counterparts, source, supply chain, and manufacturing processes.

Future City

Conscious Solutions


The Hedge Fund’s Evolution

Through a secured, fast and cost-effective framework for traditional banks and DeFi, VOY creates liquidity pools allowing conscious investment, lending and payments


Passive earn rate


Lending rate increase

Future City

Conscious Solutions


Digitising Trade Finance

VOY is bringing blockchain to the Trade Finance Industry, tokenizing assets, debt and trade documents and handle smart contracts.

Future City

Making conscious businesses,
one mind at a time

We believe every decision must be sustainable for future generations.Our mission is to accompany institutions, companies, and individualson the path to conscious financing, manufacturing, distribution, trading, investment, and above all, conscious consumption.

A Conscious Team

Lee Tarone Bsc. BA.


Andrew Liaw

Chief Financial Officer

Dave Hopkins

Chief Operational Officer

Halyna Belovska

Project Manager

Tom Reeves

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

Jacob Hibbert

Senior Production Manager

Arzu Toren

Advisor Banking Trade Finance

Andrea Frosinini

Advisory Board XDC/BSCA/TOTTA

Jimmy Chan

Trade Finance Partnerships

Steven Mathew

ESG & Maritime Advisor

Dinesh Ramalingam

Head of Sales

Ronald Mitchell

XDC Community Advisor

Our Partners

Carbon Chain
KYC Chain
Pole Star
Purple Trac

Latest News

Why Is The Supply Chain Crisis Affecting So Many Big Economies?

The supply shock that began in 2020, and the demand shock that followed when the global economy was shut down, exposed weaknesses in supply chain firms “production strategies.

How Monitoring Of Carbon Vessels Is Enabling A Sustainable Supply Chain Journey.

Supply chains account for a large share of companies “CO2 emissions, and logistics service providers play a key role in the ongoing shift towards sustainable business practices.

Voy Green prices in carbon to nudge global trade towards Net Zero

Voy, the DeFi global end-to-end trade finance platform, will prioritise funding for the cleanest and most sustainable shipping and trade flows, via voy Green.

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